Class Levels

Yoga is for every body. We offer a range of classes so all students can find a class that suits them.

Level 1: Foundation

For those new to Iyengar yoga

Foundation classes are offered as 5 or 6 week courses, at regular intervals during the year. They are suitable for those new to yoga or new to Iyengar yoga. They are also good for existing students who want to refresh their understanding of the basics or returning after a break. Foundation courses provide a structured introduction to Iyengar yoga basics. Foundation One courses focus on foundational standing and seated poses and introduce shoulder stand. Many students benefit from attending a number of these courses before moving on to a higher level course or class. Foundation Two courses consolidate the poses taught in Foundation 1, and introduce additional standing and seated poses, foundational twists (standing and seated) and preliminary backbends. Headstand preparation is introduced depending on student readiness.
For the date of upcoming courses check out our ‘New Students’ page here.

Level 2: General

For students with some experience

These classes are for students with at least 6 to 12 months Iyengar yoga experience. They consolidate and build upon the Level 1 foundational poses and introduce new ones including headstand, arm balances and back bends. Pranayama is also introduced. Many students find these classes sufficiently challenging to remain at this level for some years.

Level 3: Experienced

For students with at least 3 years Iyengar yoga experience and a regular practice

In this class students explore technique, sequencing, and timings across a broader range of standing poses, forward bends, twists, backbends, arm balances and inversions. The focus is on going deeper into the practice to develop greater sensitivity, connection and integration of mind, body and breath. Familiarity with, and regular practice of, inversions and backbends is essential.

To ensure our timetable provides plenty of options in time slots that work for our students we offer some blended classes, as follows:

Level 1/2: Mixed Foundation-General

A mixed class that can be attended by beginners as well as general level students

These classes can be attended by beginners if the Foundation courses on offer don’t suit the student’s routine. General level students also attend these classes. The teacher provides instructions, demonstrations and modifications suitable for the students attending. All students are encouraged to work to their capacity.

Level 1/2: Slow and Gentle

Suitable for older students, those returning after an injury or illness, or anyone wanting to work at a slower pace.

Here many of the asanas taught in Foundation and General classes are practiced in a slower and more gentle way. Sequences are designed to improve issues associated with aging such as general mobility, joint flexibility, posture, and balance. There is strong emphasis on poses to open the chest, nourish and support the nervous system and generate a sense of overall well-being. Modifications and props are provided to help students find stability, balance and space in each pose. The class size is limited to enable attention to individual needs.

Level 2/3: Mixed General-Experienced

A mixed class for General level students and more experienced practitioners.

These classes are an opportunity for General level students to step up and taste Experienced level practice.